Behind This Wall Bar


Behind this wall bar

Behind This Wall Bar is a brand spanking new pop-up just at the end of Broadway market, and of course being the sucker I am for a good pop-up I was there with bells on.

“Behind This Wall is pop-up cocktail and oyster bar in the heart of London’s Broadway Market. Offering a unique take on classic drinks, mixologists have cultivated a series of recipes that combine traditional methods with exciting new ingredients.”

DIY Nail Art


photo copy 5So recently I have been trying a little bit of DIT nail art and Low and behold I bloody love it. Here’s a update of my most recent creations.

I know they are far from perfect but I’m slowly getting their, Let me know what you think.

Tell Me a Story, Breakfast on Broadway (market)


photo 5

So me and the boy love our lazy Sundays; a late breakfast followed by a stroll around the park is perfection, especially when the sun is shining.

When we heard the the book club had opened up a little side project in Broadway market, Stories, we couldn’t get there quick enough. From the outside the space invites you inside and with it’s big open doors there is no missing this place. The interior is a little bit miss matched but has a swedish design edge with it’s geometric lines, block colours and wooden tables of all shapes and sizes.